Saturday, January 20, 2024
10 a.m.–1 p.m.

Swarms are a nature biological process amongst honeybee populations; they allow this super organism to reproduce. For the beekeeper though, this process can come at a cost. During this three-hour workshop, learn about swarm biology, how to recognize the signs, manage the process, limit risks, and how to use the swarm tendency to expand your apiary. The workshop concludes with the building of an essential piece of equipment for any beekeeper – the NUC – which can be used to capture swarms, do splits, or even be placed as a swarm trap.

Please plan to bring safety glasses, gloves, mallet, hammers (framing and tack), and a drill motor with drill bits. In this class you will complete the following parts of your NUC box/swarm trap:

  • bottom board
  • (2)5-frame deep body boxes
  • 5 frames each with plastic foundation
  • migratory outer cover

$110 per person includes swarm trap building supplies and instruction. Capacity is limited, and registration is required for all attendees.


Get a closer look at the fascinating biology of swarms and learn how to manage this natural process to expand your apiary.


Build the ultimate beekeeper's tool - the NUC box/swarm trap - with our supplies and guidance during the workshop.


Get hands-on experience and complete the various parts of your NUC box/swarm trap during our workshop