Alternatives to Invasive Plants in your Landscape

Tuesday, March 22
6:30–8 p.m.


Join Senior Horticulturist, Chuck Martin to explore alternatives you can use in your landscape to fill the same structure and function as commonly-used invasive plants, while at the same time creating beneficial habitat in your yard.

Historically, plants have been transported across the globe as food, medicine, or to beautify our yards. Many of these plants have become problematic in their new habitats. Invasive plants often establish dense populations, outcompete native vegetation, and damage wildlife habitat when they spread beyond your yard. Japanese barberry, bush honeysuckle, burning bush, buckthorn, and Norway maple are all examples of beloved landscaping plants that have become invasive.

$18.00 per person. Capacity is limited, and registration is required. Masks are recommended for in-person events.