The Neighborhood is aBuzzzzz

inside of bee hive

It was a HUGE day for the Whiting Forest hive! As you know from last week’s post, an expansion was in order. When we opened the outer cover of the hive, the bees were overflowing onto the inner cover. The photo shows Elly holding the inner cover with bees on top of it and the overflowing hive below. It was clearly time to put on an addition to their home. We added a second deep box of foundation frames. Together these two levels are known as the brood box.

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A Healthy, Growing Hive …


Our inspection of the hive today was to see if the bees were making progress on building up their population. The starting population was about 10-12,000 bees (or 3 lbs); by mid-summer her majesty, the queen, and her loyal subjects should have increased the hive population to more than double that number.

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Wrapping up the Season

Beekeeper near hives

The season is wrapping up! I believe we have quite a bit of late season nectar being collected, and today expect a good harvest of honey!

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